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“It is a well-managed organization that puts the needs of local business first. In today’s fast paced business environment I rely on the Chamber to keep us informed of the needs and concerns of our community. It is important for businesses to support the Bedford community in which we work, live, and play.” – Jim Mercadante, General Manager – Cintas Corporation . . . “The Bedford Chamber gets to know its members and genuinely has their best interests at heart. As new members we’ve been constantly impressed by the organization, drive, and enthusiasm of the entire chamber staff.” – John Hall, Advisor - Montvue Capital Management . . . “When comparing The Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce, in my opinion, with other Chambers of comparable size and geographic footprint it is by far the most community minded and business friendly Chamber in Virginia. Our Chamber, because of its strong leadership, dedicated staff and numerous volunteers, provides an excellent service to its members. Our Chamber has its finger on the pulse of local/state initiatives and challenges and does an outstanding job of keeping not only its member companies abreast of those but also our local/state representatives up-to-date on its member companies concerns. Every area business should become a member of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce. “ – Jim Burns, Human Resources Manager - CommScope . . . “Servpro has been a member of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce for many years now and knows without a doubt how hard the employees AND fellow Chamber members work to bring us business. Being a member of the Chamber is not only about getting business, but developing relationships with other business owners so you can refer business to them as well. The only way to do that is to participate in Chamber events to share information about your business, and learn about others at the same time. You get out of the Chamber what you put in to it!” – Susan Myers – ServPro . . . “As a business owner, I would have to say that joining the Bedford Chamber is one of the fastest ways to become recognized locally. When I joined the Bedford Chamber, I immediately realized, this is one of the best decisions I made for my business.” – Brett Howell, Synergy Develops


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